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Becky Tong Speaks to Hypebeast About her Love of Music and DJing


Breaking the Mould: A Creative Journey with Becky Tong

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Becky Tong is one of London’s most in-demand DJs on the party circuit. Whether she is playing a fashion event for a big fashion house, an intimate festival set, or a buzzy brand launch, the DJ is a creative force to be reckoned with. Never taking herself too seriously, she seeks inspiration in the everyday, navigating her journey through creative self-expression.

Becky can be seen taking short walks around Notting Hill wearing sunglasses that mirror her pioneering spirit, seamlessly alternating between the Marshal Sunglasses, The Aviator Evolve, or the Wayfarer Blaze. Sporting these modern reimagined designs once favoured by musicians and adventurers, Becky brings her cool touch to the styles.

When she’s not flicking through the local record shops in Notting Hill for inspiration for her own vinyl sleeve designs, Tong can be found curating playlists for some of the world’s coolest hotels, organising London’s funnest club nights, and building the careers of fellow talented up and coming artists with her 
label, Juicebox.

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“I’ve finally found my groove and every day is different.”

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What was your first musical memory?

It would have to be playing the game of “guess the song” in the back of my parents car. Me and my older brother would try and come up with the song title the quickest. This was super fun and got me curious to know more about the artists behind the catchy songs.

When and how did you set out to become a DJ?

It started by friends simply asking me to play at their house parties, and then I realised I actually had to learn how to DJ. My older brother gave me a quick tutorial and then I got my first gig, it was terrible, but I learnt on the spot!

You host a radio show, manage artists, and DJ at parties and events - how and when do you find time to be creative and be yourself in between?

It’s easy [to be creative] when you love what you do! I feel like I’ve finally found my groove and everyday is different. I do crave just days in the office, sitting down and focusing on new ideas. I also love my nights in for myself, face mask on & cooking dinner! I probably only have one night in a week, which can be tough.

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“I don’t take myself too seriously”

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What is your process when putting together a playlist for a fashion event?

It’s always a mixture of tracks that everyone will know, like ‘Teardrops by Womack & Womack’ which blends well into a new Kali Uchis record or Franc Moody (which is on my label Juicebox). It’s always hard to get people dancing at fashion parties, so I try and keep it fun and for the GIRLS.

What other creative pursuits help you stay inspired?

I’ve just started a project called ‘Bad Vegan’ which is a pure passion project and separate to all the music stuff I do on the daily, it’s cool doing something positive for the planet. I wanted to be totally honest and represent the kind of vegan I am by creating a community of like-minded people who are invested in the vegan lifestyle and believe it’s the future, but simultaneously recognise how difficult it can be to maintain. It may not be easy for you to uphold every vegan value, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try. I’ve started by selling tee’s and long sleeve tops.

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How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I don’t take myself too seriously!

What are you looking for in the artists you choose to work with?

Drive is really important [in the artists I work with]. You want them to be the main driver behind their project and someone who is keen to make stuff happen for themselves. It’s important to me to have a  special connection with this person, we would have to be able to get on as friends first before anything else! Everyone who I work with now, we’re all like family.

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“It’s always hard to get people dancing at fashion parties, so I try and keep it fun”

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How do you stay true to yourself despite pressures in the industry?

I always have to remind myself that I’ve already come so far, and I am super grateful for what I have achieved. It’s easy with social media to compare yourself to other people’s success but it’s important to keep your head down and just focus on what you’re doing and never take your eye off the ball! My friends & family keep me grounded and getting out of the city and being in nature is super important for me to keep a clear head.

How would you describe your personal, original style?

A mix of feminine and masculine depending on my mood.

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“I would love to work for David Attenborough”

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What has been your proudest moment, creatively?

I have loved everything we’ve done with Franc Moody’s creative so far, and can’t wait for what we do next, they’re an amazing five piece band.

Who inspires you everyday?

My business partner Adam [inspires me everyday]. We’re such a good team and we keep each other on the straight and narrow.

What fields would you like to pursue if you weren’t in music? How would you reinvent yourself?

I would love to work for David Attenborough.