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How Music’s Next Big Thing Wears Topshop Denim


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Haven’t heard of Poppy Ajudha yet? With a headline show, debut EP and front row appearance at our LFW show space under her belt, the musician and model from South East London is definitely the name to know. We love how she wears Topshop denim, so we caught up with her to talk all things jeans…

How would you describe your style in three words?

Casual but sassy.

What’s your earliest memory of denim?

My mum made a bed throw out of all of mine and my sisters’ old jeans. I think she had a bit of a denim obsession when we were little! It was super heavy to sleep under – terrible idea!

What is it about jeans that makes them such a go-to piece?

They make you feel hugged, safe and secure.

Who are you denim style icons?

Britney and Justin’s double denim duo is the first image that comes to mind – not sure if they’re my style icons but it was definitely iconic! Her dress actually looks quite a lot like the quilt my mum made come to think of it…

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What’s your favourite denim decade?

I think I’m going to have to be biased and say the 90’s.

What do you love about Topshop denim?

You can always trust it to have your back. It’s sturdy, durable and always cut beautifully.

What’s your favorite Topshop denim silhouette? And how do you style it?

I love the Mom jeans. For a boyish look, I’d wear them with a pair of trainers and a hoodie. I always keep them sassy with sunnies and lots of gold jewellery.

What are your key tips for buying a pair of jeans?

Pick to fit your figure. A good pair of jeans will always make you look amazing if they fit right. Never second-guess that you are perfect just the way you are – the jeans should fit around you.

What’s the worst thing you’ve done in a pair of jeans?

I love wearing my favourite jeans to the ground – they’re always covered in rips by the end. I guess the worst thing is when you throw an overambitious dance move or lunge slightly too far and realise in that moment that the long relationship between you and your favourite jeans is over…