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Reba Maybury exudes a confidence way beyond her 27 years. A striking beauty & an even more brilliant mind, underpinned by a self-assuredness that fills you with an envy and admiration all at the same time. Perhaps best described as an academic creative, but then again, the complexity of Reba’s character makes the expression sound like a disservice. Reba is a visionary: unafraid to speak up and stand out, her work is wide ranging, fearless, and thought-provoking. Having
graduated from CSM with a degree in Fashion History & Theory, Reba began editing Sang Bleu – a magazine dedicated to the exploration of the body and discussions around gender, sexuality, art and fashion.

“Everything about Reba Maybury is radical.”


Jess & Reba Maybury for Vivienne Westwood AW18


Vw Aw1819 Campaign 1 4
Claire 1 2 Vf Cropped
Claire 1 3 Vf Cropped
Claire 1 1 Vf Cropped
Photography Alex Sainsbury
Claire Barrow Jacket

“Just one look at Jess and Reba Maybury’s ethereal faces is proof enough that there is a higher power. But not only a pair of pretty faces, the talented duo are creative polymaths and new subversive icons.”


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