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After surviving 2 open heart surgeries, Roze turned to cooking and has never looked back. At 18, Roze took his kit and headed to Le Cordon Bleu. Travel is the life line for his creativity and the inspiration for his work. Roze has made it his mission to help people, of every socio-economic background, to experience the pleasures of eating fresh, beautiful food in a very tangible and accessible way.

Roze works tirelessly to create a harmonious atmosphere in his kitchens. Many chefs find themselves depressed, underpaid and do not realise there are other avenues to express their creativity and make a living. Roze creates an environment where the creation of food is an art, with the aim to bring the unique joy of creating edible masterpieces.

Most recently, Roze spent a year under the tutelage of Chef Daniel Humm at The NoMad, after living in Ivory Coast, London and Paris. When he’s not creating incredible dishes, the 6’5 super chef walks the biggest shows and stars in high end editorials and campaigns.

“It’s all about the convergence of art and utility, which is exactly what both food and fashion are about.”

Chef Roze

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Roze discusses food, modeling and his hectic schedule with GQ’s Justin Fenner


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“I’m not into frills, whether it be with my clothes or with my food. I tend to think simple, streamlined approaches to both are the best way to go”

Chef Roze

Chef Roze in the South of France