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After an image of Saffiyah Khan standing up to an EDL leader during one of their marches in her hometown went viral, the British 18-year-old has been using her new found political platform for the greater good. Saffiyah has always felt a strong sense of social responsibility but for her, the message is clear: Be Active not an Activist, the subject of her Ted Talk, encouraging young people to become more politically engaged within their own communities. This extends to her recent work within the Labour party, from appearing at rally’s to taking over Corbyn’s Instagram. Saffiyah describes herself as a ‘passionate creative’ whose objective is to bring about social change by using her voice to highlight issues of inequality and make people aware of the power of community across the country.

Saffiyah Khan for Dazed 100


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“I see art as a creative medium which needs to exist in politics in order to engage”

Saffiyah Khan

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Shot by Kristin-Lee Moolman
Saffiyah for Dazed - Pull Up The People
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Shot by Casper Sejersen & Styled by Ellie Grace Cumming
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Saffiyah Talks Politics, Anger and Art for the November Edition of Dazed


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Saffiyah Khan in conversation with Henry Rollins

Heroine Magazine

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Meet i-D’s Class of 2018


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Saffiyah for Moodbard Zine
Interview with Guardian News
View a selection of Saffiyah’s recent projects