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Tom Tripp’s tale, from uploading a demo called “Aurelia” onto Soundcloud in his bedroom on a Council estate on the inner-London thoroughfare of Caledonian Road to being 2018’s brightest newcomer scans like a pop fairytale. “Loving You” is simply proof of why Tom is a pop-soul natural and one of the purest new singer/songwriter’s around. A self-taught musician, his music sees him experimenting with influences from his Nigerian heritage and afro-beats as well as the hi-gloss experience of making music in studios in LA. Anchoring the stylistic twist is his signature candid songwriting – raking over the process of letting go after a break up. As Tom says “I am a sensitive Scorpio, I am very in touch with my emotions”. Still only 22, teaching himself how to produce music growing up his heroes were fellow North Londoner Skepta and Timbaland. Before “Aurelia” dropped he was working in retail in East London discovering artist like JUNGLE, Sampha, Tame Impala NAO. Then NAO reached out and asked to release “Aurelia”.

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New Noise: Tom Trip


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Mura Masa - Helpline ft. Tom Tripp

Tom Tripp Is A Cally Road Phenomenon In Waiting

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Tom Tripp - Medusa